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168 Windmill St, Gravesend  DA12 1AH

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Here are some of my latest posts on Facebook:

Lovely comment from one of my patients who has been suffering with chronic sinus problems, asthma and chest infections. Glad to hear she is feeling so much better already after about a month since first seeing me at @revitalizeclinic

Her treatment plan combines dietary advice to help reduce mucus and improve immunity, with natural remedies including a bespoke herbal tea, tincture and some supplements.

Did you know that consuming cow's milk products, bananas and peanuts can make sinusitis worse as they make your body produce more sticky mucus, whereas eating more spicy food, cardamom and pineapple can help break down mucus, clear nasal blockages and improve respiratory health?

Hebal medicine, the original medicine humans have been using for thousands of years to stay healthy and fight disease.

Do you suffer from any health problems or just want to improve your immunity ready for winter? Come and see me at the @revitalizeclinic
in Gravesend. More info on my website here

Please note that this post that does constitute medical advice. If you are suffering from an unexplained chronic cough lasting more than 2 weeks, losing weight unintentionally or have a fever lasting more than a few days, go see your doctor first to rule out serious lung conditions.

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Tea for a patient who's been suffering from nasal congestion especially at night time as well as some IBS issues.

Did you know that chronic sinusitis can be improved through use of antifungal herbs as well as certain dietary changes?

Herbs used for this particular patient (not suitable for everyone): cardamom seeds (great at breaking down mucus), peppermint (great at opening up the sinuses), Holy Basil (Tulsi) anti-allergic, Ribwort (mucous membrane tonic), Marshmallow root (demulcent, soothing), Thyme (antifungal) and licorice powder (anti-inflammatory).

Do you suffer from any bothersome health issues? Go see a medical herbalist (I'm based in Gravesend, Kent)

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Making an organic herbal tea blend for a lady who is suffering from indigestion and bloating for many years. She was also diagnosed with coeliac disease, hiatus hernia and GERD reflux disease by her doctor so this herbal tea will help soothe her gut alongside nutritional advice and supplements.

Herbs traditionally used to soothe inflamed gut tissues, reduce bloating, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients: organic Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Marshmallow leaf (Althea officinalis), Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) and Marigold (Calendula officinalis).

Do you suffer from any health issues? Book in for a consultation with me

Please note that this does not constitute medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you are suffering from sudden changes in your bowel habit, blood in stool or losing weight unintentionally.

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4 weeks ago

Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent

In this fantastic podcast Elliott Reid from our Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic in Gravesend interviewed Dr Manpinder Sahota. So nice to hear an open-minded doctor discuss the importance of having a healthy diet and exercising, as well as common nutrient deficiencies and best form to supplement these. While it's not new information to me as I've been recommending this to my patients for many years, it's great to hear it coming from a local doctor! Definitely worth watching this!

Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic
Where do you think our health is going?

Or what about the industry? Or the National Health Service?

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Dr Sahota from Pelham Surgery a couple of weeks ago. We have a very similar mission (to improve health) but I learnt so much from speaking to someone from a different sector within our industry.

One of the greatest revelations to me was that the NHS is actually still hugely underfunded when compared to other European countries which further exacerbates the problem of it caring for so many individuals who essentially put themselves it its care due to poor lifestyle choices.

In this podcast, we discuss the questions you wrote in for us to answer as well

Will I ever get off high blood pressure meds
Should my employer be encouraging health in the work place?
How do I lower my blood pressure naturally?

Check it out, let me know what you think and remember to write in the questions you would like us to answer next time

— Products shown: Counselling, Personal Training and Pain Clinic (Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy).
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4 weeks ago

Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent

See with your own eyes how much harder it is for our bodies to digest highly processed food vs homemade food.

Food Matters
What's really in our food? A question we dive deep into in Episode 1 of the NEW docu-series #TRANSCENDENCE

Could the first step to changing your life be as simple as changing what you put in your mouth? Optimize your diet to fuel your body, heal your gut and autoimmune conditions, and reach your true physical and mental potential. Save your spot for the FREE Worldwide Online Screening here 👉
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