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Please feel free to contact us using the form below with any questions or for appointment enquiries. I am not currently taking on new patients myself as I am on maternity leave until autumn 2021 but my trusted and capable colleagues Carol and Jemma are covering for me. They are both fully registered medical herbalists who have completed additional clinical training with me.
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    Here are some of my latest posts on Facebook:

    Always lovely to know that your work and care as a herbalist make a big difference to someone's life!This lady had been suffering with hormonal issues, bloating, pain with ovulation and heavy periods.Do you need help with any health issues?Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.I'm currently on maternity leave but we have a team of qualified medical herbalists ready to support you in the #heavyperiods #bloating #hormonalbalance #medicalherbalist #naturalremedies ... See MoreSee Less
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    Please sign this petition today - we can still stop this new guidance of inducing low risk black and brown women at 39 weeks (normal gestation lasts up to 42 weeks) from becoming part of the official NICE recommendations in the UK. Yes, black and brown women have always had poorer pregnancy outcomes in history, but that's due to systemic racism rather than their own bodies failing!~ sign the petition ~it's too important not to!follow @notson.i.c.e and get involved in the response to @nicecomms the deadline is 5pm 6th July the investigation into the disproportionate disparities in black and brown maternal mortality rates, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has proposed a draft guideline which among other things, would recommend the induction of black and brown women and birthing people as a way of reducing risk. The details within the draft guidance are not supported by the knowledge and research already obtained, in which we have learnt that the pathologising of pregnant people, unnecessary interventions and an over medicalisation of birth actually increases, grief, fear and trauma.Therefore the proposed guidelines would in fact cause harm to black and brown people.Suggesting also that black and brown bodies are less able to birth contradicts history and does not address the original issue, instead causes another in addition. More effectively, addressing the systemic racism, lack of knowledge and underfunding as well as affording the right support would be more effective.Lastly, this draft of recommendations in itself causes harm to black and brown women and birthing people who once again have not been heard or consulted in this decision of management of our bodies.This petition is to support counter proposals being prepared for the NICE consultation in which people not included in stake holder organisations cannot have their say.This petition is to request that the government do not accept this guidance and implement into the NHS and private bodies as it will lead to further coercion and unnecessary intervention causing more injury and death to black and brown bodies.Please sign this petition and allow us to birth our babies, maintain autonomy over bodies and pursue a more effective solution to the disproportionate racial abuse.Thank youLeah@notson.i.c.e @theobsuk @abueladoula #notsoniceReposted from @notson.i.c.e ... See MoreSee Less
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    Lovely maternity photoshooting today with Photography by Kirsty , what a great way to celebrate pregnancy and the way our amazing and capable bodies change to make space and nurture a new life.Also the other day we've picked elderflowers (Sambucus nigra) to make cordial. Once it's fermented and strained it will be ready to hydrate me + act as a galactagogue remedy (helping promote milk). There are many easy recipes online and Elderflower grows in most parts of Europe. The flowers can also be made into herbal tea to help with hay fever and colds and flu's, while the berries can be made into syrup to provide antiviral support in the winter.Also my mum helped me prepare frozen "padsicles" for the #postpartum period (instructions on YouTube). These are period cotton pads that were filled with herbal oils such as jojoba and calendula, witch hazel aromatic water (alcohol free) and pure Aloe vera gel, then wrapped back up and frozen for when they are needed. Many women swear by these padsicles helping to heal the perineum much faster and providing instant comfort after birth.Other ways that you can help support your body during pregnancy and birth include making sure your iron levels are optimal, and eating dates (~6 a day) & drinking organic red raspberry leaf tea in the third trimester. Working with a medical herbalist to help support you on your #fertility journey, before, during and after #pregnancy can be very empowering.#medicalherbalist #naturalmaternity #naturalpregnancy #herbalmomma #herbalmum #padsicles #perineumsupport #postpartumcare #herbalmedicine #perinealcare #celebrateyourbody ... See MoreSee Less
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    I had the most wonderful Blessingway (aka "Mother Blessing", an alternative to the commercialised baby shower. Inspired from the Native American Navajo tradition, a Blessingway focuses on spiritual rituals to help prepare the mum-to-be for birthing her baby, and the initiation into motherhood, rather than "showering" the baby with material gifts.Rituals included:-Smudging the space and ourselves with Mother Sage herb while singing old folk songs together;- Grounding meditation connecting with our grandmothers, ancestors and each other;- Creating a birth altar and lighting a candle - everyone brought a little special ornament for this;- Creating bunting flags where each friend of mine wrote some encouraging words for labour and birth;- Sharing inspiring birth stories;- Making a bead necklace with special charms that everyone brought, which will support me during labour and for the years to come, as each of them will remind me of the support of my friends;- Belly Painting;We enjoyed homemade herbal lemonades with fresh Lemon Balm and Peppermint from my garden as well as Hibiscus and Elderflower.I recommend looking into this alternative Blessingway for those that don't resonate with a typical baby shower - I feel enriched by the whole experience and prepared and supported for the oncoming journey of meeting our baby soon.I could not have done this without the support of all my beloved friends and family. Thank you Laura Norder for hosting the Ceremony for us, and thank you @tasteofmadagascar_ for providing all the wonderful food as well.Last week until my maternity leave - don't hesitate to get in touch with me though if you need any herbal medicine support though as I have a small but carefully chosen team of wonderful medical herbalists ready to help you in the meantime.#blessingway #motherblessing #navajo #womenscircle #ancienttraditions #womenssupport #mothersage ... See MoreSee Less
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