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Please feel free to contact us using the form below with any questions or for appointment enquiries. I am not currently taking on new patients myself as I am on maternity leave until autumn 2021 but my trusted and capable colleagues Carol and Jemma are covering for me. They are both fully registered medical herbalists who have completed additional clinical training with me.
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    Magnesium can help improve sleep quality and energy, reduce stress and sugar cravings. It is also an important mineral for strong bones. ... See MoreSee Less
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    This weekend I'll be attending the annual Herbal Medicine conference organised by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) which was first established in 1864 in the UK! This is one of the ways in which I keep up to date with the latest research, continuing my professional development and keeping my skills sharp to serve my patients in the best possible way.Whilst I'm still on maternity leave caring for my 3 months old baby girl, my learning never stops and I continue to support my existing patients. So if you're running low on your bespoke herbal tincture, tea, cream or supplements you're welcome to get in touch to order your repeat prescription.Much love to you allAnd herbal healingIulia ... See MoreSee Less
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    Think twice before you take mainstream pills when sick or give your child fever-reducing medication.Fever is how our immune systems fights off illness. It makes it easier for our leukocytes (white blood cells) to kill bacteria and viruses. When there's an infection the body also produces interferons, which are substances that kill viruses and bacteria and make leukocytes more active. Interferons work faster at a higher temperature and are three times more active at 40°C than at 39°C. Antibiotics are also more effective in the presence of fever. Bacteria get weaker and easier to kill at a higher temperature.Myth that has been debunked - if you don't give your child a fever-reducing medication (antipyretics) then there's a higher risk of them having a febrile seizure.Also not true: "You'll get better quicker if you take something to bring the fever down".Studies actually indicate that when people with sepsis (a severe infection in the blood) are given fever-reducing drugs that the MORTALITY RATE IS MUCH HIGHER - one of the studies from the screenshots I posted had to be ended sooner as it was unethical to continue given the fact that the patients were much more likely to die from infection when fever was reduced by the drugs given.There's so much more to say but there is good research out there (and common sense) to encourage you to let fever run its course. Stop and take lots of rest instead, keep hydrated through warm soups and herbal teas. Sleep it off and sweat it out. Furthermore, certain herbs such and supplements can help your immune system to work more effectively. In particular vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D are very important and to name a few herbs, Andrographis and Barberry (containing Berberine) can work wonders.PLEASE NOTE THAT A PROLONGED HIGH FEVER particularly in babies needs to be medically investigated to rule out rare but severed illnesses such as bacterial meningitis (even more so important to avoid fever-reducing medication in this case). A raised fontanelle in a baby (if the soft spot is still present) is a medical emergency. A depressed fontanelle indicated dehydration.Links to some of the studies I took a screenshot of:- ... See MoreSee Less
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