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  • Available by appointment
  • Gravesend & Chatham. Telephone or Skype consultations may also be available.

Gravesend Practice

Within Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic

168 Windmill St, Gravesend  DA12 1AH

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Here are some of my latest posts on Facebook:

As I was enjoying a walk around Rochester today, I came across these 4 balconies which have inspired me to write this little note.

You can choose the make the most out of your current situation. You can choose to fill your life or your "balcony" with beautiful flowers, with smiles and positivity and gratefulness. Or you can let the past, the negative thoughts, "the garbage" take over your space and energy.

Try to enjoy every day, be grateful for what you have right now. Don't live in the future. Happiness comes from within, as the Hare Krishna people teach us. It's true. We can spend all our life chasing for the next goal. A bigger house, a faster car, a slimmer body. This is a never-ending race. We are never fully satisfied for long. This is the human nature.

Take time to reflect on what you have right now. Someone out there would give anything to have some of what you have right now. Perhaps it's your intelligence, or your family, our your health. Count your blessings.

From a place of gratitude and happiness we can prioritise and pursue our goals better therefore giving us a better chance of achieving them.

#reflection #gratitude #bliss #begrateful #lifegoals #harekrishna #spirituality #positivity #behappy #peace #meditation #mentalhealth
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Struggling to get pregnant or suffering from repeated miscarriages, to endometrial polyps or cysts? Herbal medicine can really help.

Here are some a few tips for you:

- PRIORITISE RELAXATION. High stress levels disrupt out hormone balance. If your body thinks you are chased by a tiger (if you are running on adrenaline), this will reduce your progesterone levels. A lot of the women who suffer with infertility have low progesterone levels or low levels when compared with their levels of oestrogen.

- REDUCE XENOESTROGENS. These are hormones found in certain plastics and cosmetics (parabens) which knock off our hormonal balance.

- INCREASE CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES. Eat more cooked cabbage, broccoli and other foods from the Brassica family. These help your liver clear out excess oestrogens more effectively.

For more tailored advice and herbal medicine treatment consult your local medical herbalist.

#infertility #baby #miscarriage #broody #naturalmedicine #hormonalbalance #insemination #ivf #ayurveda #herbalism #ancientwisdom #scientificherbs #kent #gravesend #fertility
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4 days ago

Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent

Sweet!How Sweet is a Sweet Potato? Pretty Sweet!
- By Dr. Thomas Campbell
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4 days ago

Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent

What do medical herbalists actually do? Great interview.

House of Rosemary

What do Medical Herbalists actually do?

If you're curious as to how we go about treating pain, discomfort & all sorts of modern day diseases, stick around to find out how we make a positive difference!

Today I'm joined by the wonderful & querky Roisin Katherine Hannah Reilly!
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