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Please feel free to contact us using the form below with any questions or for appointment enquiries. I am not currently taking on new patients myself as I am on maternity leave until autumn 2021 but my trusted and capable colleagues Carol and Jemma are covering for me. They are both fully registered medical herbalists who have completed additional clinical training with me.
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    Here are some of my latest posts on Facebook:

    I had the most wonderful Blessingway (aka "Mother Blessing", an alternative to the commercialised baby shower. Inspired from the Native American Navajo tradition, a Blessingway focuses on spiritual rituals to help prepare the mum-to-be for birthing her baby, and the initiation into motherhood, rather than "showering" the baby with material gifts.Rituals included:-Smudging the space and ourselves with Mother Sage herb while singing old folk songs together;- Grounding meditation connecting with our grandmothers, ancestors and each other;- Creating a birth altar and lighting a candle - everyone brought a little special ornament for this;- Creating bunting flags where each friend of mine wrote some encouraging words for labour and birth;- Sharing inspiring birth stories;- Making a bead necklace with special charms that everyone brought, which will support me during labour and for the years to come, as each of them will remind me of the support of my friends;- Belly Painting;We enjoyed homemade herbal lemonades with fresh Lemon Balm and Peppermint from my garden as well as Hibiscus and Elderflower.I recommend looking into this alternative Blessingway for those that don't resonate with a typical baby shower - I feel enriched by the whole experience and prepared and supported for the oncoming journey of meeting our baby soon.I could not have done this without the support of all my beloved friends and family. Thank you Laura Norder for hosting the Ceremony for us, and thank you @tasteofmadagascar_ for providing all the wonderful food as well.Last week until my maternity leave - don't hesitate to get in touch with me though if you need any herbal medicine support though as I have a small but carefully chosen team of wonderful medical herbalists ready to help you in the meantime.#blessingway #motherblessing #navajo #womenscircle #ancienttraditions #womenssupport #mothersage ... See MoreSee Less
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    Last 2 weeks until my maternity break!! Dispensing 10 week tinctures & teas to cover my patients passed the baby's arrival. If you need an appointment you're still welcome to get in touch with me and I will put you in touch with another trusted medical herbalist who is covering for me until autumn.I will continue to be able provide you with repeats of remedies and supplements as needed in the meantime, best to contact me via email or WhatsApp.Exciting times ahead! ... See MoreSee Less
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    Vitex, a key herb used by medical herbalists for specific female complaints.Hormonal imbalances are one of the most common concerns I see in my practice - including period problems, PCOS, fertility challenges, or menopause symptoms. Vitex, “nature’s hormonal balancer”, can be an amazing ally. It is one of my favorite herbs for women because it’s been used for so long traditionally, and modern research has demonstrated profound implications for hormone health.⁠Here are some of the ways this powerful herb can impact your health and your life:⁠🌿 PMS: Vitex is the #1 herb used for reductions in PMS symptoms, including breast tenderness, irritability, anxiety, depression, menstrual migraines, and menstrual cramps.⁠🌿 Irregular Cycles: Regular use of Vitex has shown benefit for irregular menstrual cycles, including menorrhagia (frequent or heavy periods), dysmenorrhea (painful period), and amenorrhea (lack of menstruation).⁠🌿 PCOS: Vitex extract regulates ovulation, increases fertility, and improves progesterone in women with PCOS. Vitex has been shown to be effective in reversing the adverse effects of hormonal imbalance in PCOS.⁠🌿 Fertility and Pregnancy: Vitex promotes fertility, and has been used to prevent miscarriage in women who have a history of miscarriage, possibly due to effects on progesterone.⁠🌿 Menopause: may help treat menopausal symptoms including vaginal dryness, sleep problems, and hot flashes. Because it has very few side effects, it can also be used during perimenopause if periods are irregular, and to provide emotional symptom relief.⁠Vitex isn't a pregnancy herb per se and I don't generally recommend its use in pregnancy with the exception of women who were on it for history of miscarriage with low progesterone, under the guidance of a skilled women’s herbal practitioner. Vitex at the lower dose is commonly recommended for BF'ing support and to increase lactation; however, at the higher dosage range it could actually suppress breastmilk production.⁠To learn more about how to restore your hormonal health, reclaim your power, and feel like the force of nature you truly are - pre-order a copy of Hormone Intelligence. ... See MoreSee Less
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    Stinging Nettle Benefits: Side Effects of Stinging Nettle ... See MoreSee Less
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