Gut-healing herbal tea for Leaky Gut

Organic gut-healing herbal tea. I use this tea a lot with many of my clients with digestive problems but also for those with autoimmune conditions where I identify a leaky gut. It smells delicious, tastes great and most important – it works.

Key actions of the herbs used:

1. Anti-inflammatory for the digestive tract (Meadowsweet contains salicylic acid which is the natural form of aspirin without the side-effects).

2. Antimicrobial & anti-fungal: helps sort out gut dysbiosis allowing good bacteria to thrive.

3. Demulcent: the mucilage content of Marigold and Ribwort helps heal internal sores found in the gut.

4. Astringent: the tannin constituents help tighten up the gut reducing the increased permeability seen in leaky gut.

5. Bonus: Anti-flatulent (helps reduce bloating thanks to their carminative essential oils). #leakygut#autoimmunedisease #organicherbs #guthealing#ibd #crohnsuk #colitisuk #medicalherbalist


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