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Chronic Sinusitis? Stuffy nose? My patient Trish Avoided Sinus Surgery with Herbal Medicine

My absolute favourite stories of our patients and clients are where they have achieved tremendous growth, in terms of their functional health in their desired environment (i.e. playing with the kids pain free, winning sports championships, living free of depression) OR when they have avoided really traumatic procedures… like surgery for example. Trish’s story encapsulates both. Surgery to me is the final option when all else has failed. Unfortunately, you may notice how eager some people are to have surgery because of how “powerful” they deem it to be. But, common sense and now research is showing us that common surgeries are unnecessarily invasive and unsuccessful. Both spinal surgery and knee surgery have recently made the headlines for this reason. So I hear you wondering how I was able to work with Trish to achieve a symptom free lifestyle with the help of herbal medicine. Time and expertise. I spend at least 90 minutes with my clients going through an extensive case history. This is a lot longer than the 5-10min you may have with your doctor.


Reproductive System

Natural remedies for infertility, reproductive issues, pregnancy, endometrial polyp

“We’ve been trying to conceive a baby for almost an year, but nothing happenned. The doctors said that everything was ok based on the scans and the blood analysis, except for an endometrial polyp in the area where the blastocyst needed to implant. I had regular periods and ovulations and my husband’s analysis were perfect.

Then we’ve thought about finding alternative help before taking classic medicines. I’ve heard about Iulia from a friend of mine who lives in Chatham and I was pleasantly surprised to find about the Medical Herbalist profession. I’ve decided to have a chat with Iulia and a first appointment with her (via skype – as I am not living in UK). The consultation was very complex, ranging from questions regarding diet, sleep, habits up to previous diseases and blood analysis. Based on the consultation she made me a treatment plan – including supplements, herbal tinctures and a great tee – all meant to reduce the polyp and improve the blood circulation in the area. I also received great advices regarding diet and life style. The treatment plan was very complex, targeting not only the current problem, but also some preexisting conditions (psoriazis, constipation, sleeping problems). My husband also received some advices and some supplements. While taking the treatment we had regular appointments and discussions. What I always appreciated was that I could write to her anytime and I could ask her about anything (no taboos) and I always received a prompt feedback. After a few months of treatment, we found out that I was pregnant – what a great surprise!! I continued the appointments with Iulia even after finding out about the pregnancy and Iulia carefully customized my treatment plan so that I could make out the most of it and the baby could develop nice and healthy. Now I am 19 weeks pregnant and both me and the baby are very healthy. Not to mention that Iulia helped me get through the first trimester which was very hard for me to bear. I would like to kindly recommend Iulia whenever you have medical problems or you just want to improve your wellbeing. Believe me it is a unique experience, moreover as Iulia is a kind and empathic person, dedicated to her patients and to her profession. All the best! Update: on 17th of April our gorgeous baby Girl said Hi to this world. The labour went on Smoothly and the best part was that thanks to Iulia’s adviceI have managed to give birth naturally without induction or C section on the same day that I was scheduled for C section. It was a big surprise for the doctors that the baby came voluntarily even though the pregnancy was overdue. Our story had a great happy ending!!!” 

Maria R Grecu reviewed Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent 

IBD: Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis. Autoimmune diseases. Digestive system

“I first turned to herbal medicine in June 2016. I had been finding it impossible to get an appointment with my GP and also knew that if I ever did then the “one symptom per appointment” setup simply wouldn’t acknowledge the complicated array of symptoms that I had developed. I had lost a lot of weight suddenly, felt fatigued and ‘foggy’ all of the time, had dry, itchy skin and most worringly had started noticing traces of blood in my increasingly loose stools. Almost in desperation I contacted the National Institute (of Medical Herbalists, NIMH) and I am glad I did. They recommended Iulia as one of their registered herbalists and I promptly contacted her for an appointment. Right from my first appointment I felt at ease due to Iulia’s calm and friendly manner, it made a refreshing change to sit down with someone who had the time to care and listen to a range of symptoms (including ‘brain fog’ which is not ‘real’ to much of the nhs..) and look at them as the whole picture of a potentially underlying cause rather than dismissing each one as a minor ailment to be treated with a steroid cream or antibiotic. It turned out I had been suffering with a bowel problem (ibd) and my gut flora was all out of balance which may have had a direct link to previous antibiotic use for chest infections and the like back in the days when I could actually get a GP appointment. Iulia set about a management plan for me including herbal supplements and dietary changes based on the symptoms that I had presented with. As well as Iulia’s broad knowledge of both herbal and conventional medicine coupled with a genuine passion for diagnosing and remedying mysterious ailments, the aspect of her care that truly stood out for me was how hard she works. Iulia would relentlessly research after hours to find case studies relevant to my situation and provide simplified breakdowns of the technical elements of my management plan detailing which herbs would be used to target which areas and why. I never felt anything was too much trouble and was assured that a thorough response to any question or worry was only a text, email or call away. On the way to my recovery (I should point out that I’ll never be cured of my condition but continue to manage it based on the plan mapped out for me by Iulia) it has been almost impossible not to be influenced by Iulia’s joy for life and “try anything once” attitude. This infectious positivity has encouraged me to make bold changes in my own life which can only be seen as the ultimate compliment. I still keep in touch with Iulia and return regularly to stock up on her incredible herbal teas for myself and my friends. There is still a place for the nhs of course bit it isn’t the only option available and the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive either.” Kev, 36, Chatham

Digestive issues, diverticulitis, gluten intolerance. 

“I first visited Iulia after suffering for several years with digestive issues that had in the past caused me to be hospitalised.

The medication my doctor provided was not causing any improvement so I decided to seek an alternative. I found Iulia through a friend and paid her a visit. I was struck by how how professional and thorough Iulia was. The appointment lasted about an hour and within a few days Iulia had made me an odd tasting concoction with instructions on how and when to take it.  She also gave me a lot of information on how to alter my diet, this along with the tincture, some other capsules (probiotics) and something called slippery elm caused a massive improvement in my condition. Whilst I am not cured (I know this because if I eat the wrong foods I can suffer for a couple of days) my condition is under control and my quality of life is good. As a bonus, by cutting out gluten and eating healthily I lost a lot of weight. I still speak to Iulia if I need advice and she has made me creams, herbal teas and tinctures for my wife and children.  Thanks Iulia!!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Autoimmunity

“I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, ME/CFS and recently suspected of endometriosis. I’ve made many life changes (diet, exercise, rest, emotional well being) and everything else is kind of managed but the endo symptoms yet again threw another curve ball and I ended up bed ridden.  The consultation with Medical Herbalist Iulia was very thorough; she is incredibly knowledgeable and the report after was mind blowing –it included so much information from supplements to dietary suggestions. Quite quickly I begun to improve with the herbal tincture and supplements and after couple updates to the tinctures (as I was changing and I’m also very sensitive to some stuff) now not only am I not having any bed days but I feel better and stronger than I have done in years. I recommend Iulia whole-heartedly, she is very passionate about what she does and she is incredibly good at it. And the herbs truly work!”

Katri  reviewed Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent 

Migraine headaches, heartburn, fatigue. Natural remedies during breastfeeding.

“I’ve always suffered with bad migraines especially premenstrually and they only got worse when I had my second child. I contacted Iulia who inspired me with confidence from the beginning. Since I was breastfeeding I didn’t know what herbs and supplements were safe but Iulia was able to prescribe a special mix of herbal tinctures and nutritional supplements suited for my needs and safe for the baby. The diet advice she gave me was very useful too. With her help I was able to gradually cut down on the many painkillers that I was having to take. Now my migraines are a lot less frequent and less intense. I also used to suffer from bad heartburn (side effect of the painkillers) and I can say that my heartburn has completely gone after finishing the herbal treatment (I took the herbs for a couple of months last year). My energy levels have also improved significantly. My life has changed for the better and I’m very thankful to Iulia!”


Musculoskeletal condition: Polymyalgia rheumatica. Autoimmune disease, Arthritis.

“I was delighted with the consultation and treatment from lulia for my Poymyalgia Rheumatica which meant I have managed it with out Steroids or Ibruprofen . Blood tests by the GP astonished him as within 4 weeks they were back to normal. I’m still taking the tincture and Golden Paste (turmeric ) which has reduced the pain and stiffness by 90% . I highly recommend Iulia as a Herbalist.” Frances Beaumont, Faversham


Thyroid disease: Hypothyroidism. Hashimoto’s

“I’ve been suffering Hypothyroidism for 15 years. I don’t know what was first but during all those years I also developed hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, cystic ovaries, cystic breasts, digestive problems and other well known symptoms such as bloating, edema, bad circulation, joint pain, unexpected gain weight, tiredness and mood swings. Charming!

It may ring a bell to those who suffer from any thyroid condition: I was ignored and wrong medicated by doctors for 13 years (be it by wrong levothyroxine dose or anti-contraceptive methods). I felt so frustrated (I still do when I have to visit the “regular” doctor). Only the last endocrinologist I had was capable of asking for antibodies and full thyroid profile and Vit D levels. After 13 years I found out that my vit D was very low and that I was suffering from Hashimoto’s. He adjusted the dose of levo, gave me vit D and things got a little better but my gynaecologist still couldn’t figure out why I was having all those problems mentioned above. Well, yes: “I had a complicate hormonal nature” That’s what he said. I then refused to take more hormonal meds and be stuck with that opinion. And then,  I found Iulia 🙂 ( thanks Oliwia!)
A lot of things improved fast but as for today,  2 years later, I can say out loud that:  my period is regular, pain free, I’m happier and that my Gynae couldn’t believe the size of my ovaries was normal and healthy, functional and that 6 out of 7 breast cysts have disappeared. My thyroid is within a good range and we are working to improve those anti-bodies. 
Thanks to Iulia’s empathy, knowledge, investigation and the amazing skill of LISTENING and comprehension, she has been detecting other interesting facts related to my digestive problems that might be key for my total well-being.  I know that Iulia is helping me out to improve my quality of life and also is giving me a great understanding and knowledge about some illnesses, nutrition, herbs and lifestyle. We need human doctors who understand the body as a whole and treat the cause not the symptom. Who understand our different realities and circumstances. I also think it’s very important that we understand what’s going on with our bodies, being able to learn how to live with some chronic or potential health issues. That’s how you win. Thanks Iulia! “
Laia G – Spain

Thyroid disease: Hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease. Natural remedies for thyroid problems.

“I’ve been seeing iulia for about a year now with great success. I was suffering from an over active thyroid, weight gain, panic attacks. I was suffering with palpitations constantly throughout the day which lead to sleepless nights. This had been going on since 2014 and gradually got worst until I read an article where a woman had took herbs to help her thyroid function normalize. This was when I decided to look on line for a medical herbalist and when I found the amazing iulia.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and multinodular goiter. The consultant at the hospital  wanted to put me on medication which had terrible side effects. I refused these as was told I WOULD suffer a heart attack without medication. I started the prescribed tincture and supplements from iulia and pleased to say my thyroid is now in the normal range! Iulia made me feel relaxed and nothing was too much for her. The consultation didn’t feel rushed and felt I could really explain what I had been going through. I felt I could message her at anytime with any questions and she  would respond  with support and suggestions of different things I could try.

I had never thought of seeing a herbalist or know anyone who has but I am so grateful I found this amazing woman that’s so supportive, she does an amazing job. The supplements I am now taking have reduced a lot and feel so much happier but most important my thyroid has normalized . The extra time iulia puts in to make the lives of her clients better, she really does go the extra few miles !”  Tracy – Medway


Eczema. Psoriasis. Natural remedies for chronic skin issues.





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