Herbs can interact with prescription drugs which is why it’s very important not to self-medicate. As a medical herbalist I am trained in pharmacology and will only prescribe herbs which are not known to interact negatively with your specific medication so that you can continue to take these safely.

Yes, I treat children and babies, as well as mothers to be or nursing mothers.

Unlike in Chinese medicine where you often need to boil/decoct the herbs for several hours every 2 days, Western herbal medicines are a lot easier to take. Most commonly you will be given a herbal tincture to take. This is a pre-made medicinal extract and you will only need to pour the required amount i.e. 10ml in the measuring cup, mix it with a bit of water and drink it. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous I might prescribe a bespoke herbal tea too. This will require you adding some hot water to the dried herbs and drinking it as a normal tea.

Each case is different. When treating the root cause of an illness it can take longer to notice changes than when taking allopathic medicines which tend to suppress symptoms. With long term chronic conditions I generally don’t expect to see big changes within the first month of treatment, but often people report very quick positive changes, such as better digestion and improved sleep. The important point is when treating the root cause of an illness it should stay resolved after treatment is finished. The aim of herbal medicine is not to create dependency on long term use of medicines, even if they are natural. You should generally allow one month of treatment per each year that a conditions has been present. So if you’ve been suffering with digestive problems for 4 years, you should give herbal treatment a chance to work fully for 4 months.

Another major factor in timescale is how committed a patient is to follow the lifestyle and dietary recommendations given. Generally the more able you are to take the recommendations on board, the shorter the period of treatment required. You can be assured that we will discuss progress and likely timescales at each appointment so you know where you are at all times.

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