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February 6, 2017 (Facebook)

I’ve always suffered with bad migraines especially premenstrually and they only got worse when I had my second child. I contacted Iulia who inspired me with confidence from the beginning. Since I was breastfeeding I didn’t know what herbs and supplements were safe but Iulia was able to prescribe a special mix of herbal tinctures and nutritional supplements suited for my needs and safe for the baby. The diet advice she gave me was very useful too. With her help I was able to gradually cut down on the many painkillers that I was having to take. Now my migraines are a lot less frequent and less intense. I also used to suffer from bad heartburn (side effect of the painkillers) and I can say that my heartburn has completely gone after finishing the herbal treatment (I took the herbs for a couple of months last year). My energy levels have also improved significantly. My life has changed for the better and I’m very thankful to Iulia!

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