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I first turned to herbal medicine in June 2016. I had been finding it impossible to get an appointment with my GP and also knew that if I ever did then the “one symptom per appointment” setup simply wouldn’t acknowledge the complicated array of symptoms that I had developed. I had lost a lot of weight suddenly, felt fatigued and ‘foggy’ all of the time, had dry, itchy skin and most worringly had started noticing traces of blood in my increasingly loose stools. Almost in desperation I contacted the National Institute (of Medical Herbalists, NIMH) and I am glad I did.

They recommended Iulia as one of their registered herbalists and I promptly contacted her for an appointment. Right from my first appointment I felt at ease due to Iulia’s calm and friendly manner, it made a refreshing change to sit down with someone who had the time to care and listen to a range of symptoms (including ‘brain fog’ which is not ‘real’ to much of the nhs..) and look at them as the whole picture of a potentially underlying cause rather than dismissing each one as a minor ailment to be treated with a steroid cream or antibiotic.

It turned out I had been suffering with a bowel problem (ibd) and my gut flora was all out of balance which may have had a direct link to previous antibiotic use for chest infections and the like back in the days when I could actually get a GP appointment. Iulia set about a management plan for me including herbal supplements and dietary changes based on the symptoms that I had presented with. As well as Iulia’s broad knowledge of both herbal and conventional medicine coupled with a genuine passion for diagnosing and remedying mysterious ailments, the aspect of her care that truly stood out for me was how hard she works. Iulia would relentlessly research after hours to find case studies relevant to my situation and provide simplified breakdowns of the technical elements of my management plan detailing which herbs would be used to target which areas and why.

I never felt anything was too much trouble and was assured that a thorough response to any question or worry was only a text, email or call away. On the way to my recovery (I should point out that I’ll never be cured of my condition but continue to manage it based on the plan mapped out for me by Iulia) it has been almost impossible not to be influenced by Iulia’s joy for life and “try anything once” attitude. This infectious positivity has encouraged me to make bold changes in my own life which can only be seen as the ultimate compliment. I still keep in touch with Iulia and return regularly to stock up on her incredible herbal teas for myself and my friends. There is still a place for the nhs of course bit it isn’t the only option available and the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive either.


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