Consultation and Treatment Prices

Initial Consultation (up to 90min)


Invest in your health
  • Analysis of health questionnaire/ New Patient Intake form previously emailed to you
  • Analysis of any blood test results and other medical letters
  • In-depth assessment of any symptoms
  • Setting your health goals
  • Review of your full history including medication, diet, stress levels and general health
  • Blood pressure measurement and any other relevant physical examination
  • Tailored diet & other lifestyle advice specific to your condition as well as advice on supplements if needed
  • Each herb is chosen specifically for you to match your symptoms and health goals. The herbs are then mixed together in the form of a herbal tea, tincture, powder, capsule, cream or spray.
Follow-up Consultations (45min)


Our health is invaluable
  • Reviewing your progress and current health needs
  • Adjusting the treatment plan and medicines to focus on your current health needs and goals
  • Analysis of any new blood test results or other investigations
  • Frequency: Typically every 4-5 weeks or as required
  • You may sometimes order a repeat of your herbal prescription without an appointment (a dispensing fee of £10 is applicable). However, a follow-up consultation is needed every 6 months at minimum to ensure that your treatment remains effective and safe.
  • The consultation price includes the dispensing time spent after the consultation checking for any herb-drug interactions and making up your remedies.
Short initial appointment (45 minutes) - limited availability


Only available for minor ailments and children up to age 16 when a full appointment is not required. This will be assessed by the practitioner on a case to case basis.

Cost of Herbal Medicines

Your Herbal Prescription usually works out as approximately £42-£60 for 4 weeks of remedies (less for children). Your prescription will commonly consist of a bespoke herbal tincture mix (a few different herbs chosen especially for you and taken as one liquid mix). A usual dose is 1 teaspoon (5ml) taken 3 times daily or 7.5 ml twice daily. For those who can’t take tinctures, bespoke herbal capsules can be made to order.
  • Personalized Herbal Tea: £10/100g. Bespoke Tincture mix: £10/100ml. Handmade creams: from £6.50/ 30g.
  • Supplements may also be recommended.
  • Repeat prescriptions (without a consultation) are subject to a dispensing fee of £10.
  • P&P is £4.50 (1st class under 1kg); £6.50 (1st class over 1kg up to 2kg); £3.50 for 2nd class parcels
  • International postage to EU ~£20
  • The treatment can be fitted within a certain budget limit to meet your needs.

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

For consultations at the Revitalize clinic:
  • For new initial consultations a deposit fee of £25 is payable prior to the appointment. Details will be provided at the time of booking. The remaining consultation fee and cost of remedies will be paid by card or cash at the clinic at the end of the appointment.
For online consultations:
  • For new initial consultations taking place online, the full cost of the appointment is payable prior to the appointment. An invoice will be emailed to you for the cost of remedies after the appointment. The remedies will be posted to you once the payment is made.

Cancellation policy (both online and at the clinic)

To ensure that everyone shares an equal opportunity to book into the clinic:
  • At least 24 hours notice (or 48 hours if your appointment falls on a Monday)  is required if you need to cancel or re-arrange. No cancellation fee will be charged in this case. If any deposit was paid, this will go towards your next appointment.
  • Failure to give the required 24/48 hours notice will result in losing your deposit. If no deposit was paid, a late cancellation fee of £25 for initial consultations and £20 for follow-up appointments will be due.
  • If you fail to attend your appointment without notifying us (No show), then your account will be invoiced for the full cost of the appointment which will need to be paid in full before booking your next appointment.
  • These terms and conditions are in place to cover rental fees as well as case preparation time such as analysing your medical results and medical history prior to your appointment. This is also to ensure that patients who are on a waiting list can be seen sooner.

Your prescription may consist of:

Herbal Tincture Mix
Herbal Tea
Bespoke Natural Creams
Nutritional Supplements
I source all my herbal medicines from trusted UK suppliers who make efforts to ensure sustainability and who maintain high quality standards. I only use organic tinctures and dried herbs where possible. Here you can read more about one of my main suppliers based in Wales, called Avicenna Herbs

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